Jiffy Lube Franchise Owner Perry Maisonneuve – Bill Bhangal’s Secrets to Raising Prices

Bill Bhangal is a man of good character and integrity. He is a successful businessman who has done community work. He has two letters of reference that attest to his character. This man has helped many people in need and has been in the community for years. His clients have said that they would refer Bhangal to their friends and family.

Jiffy Lube’s marketing strategy

Jiffy Lube has recently launched a new national advertising campaign with the slogan “Leave Worry Behind.” It aims to highlight the convenience of drive-in service and the worry-free experience that customers are promised at Jiffy Lube. The new campaign was developed through research and insight from Jiffy Lube’s customers.

The company’s marketing strategy has been designed to appeal to consumers of all ages. Its advertisements are appealing to both parents and children and the company offers free delivery to consumers. ThisĀ Bill Bhangal strategy has helped Jiffy Lube grow to over 1,029 locations across the United States.

Its low prices

In order to compete with Mr. Lube and Bill Bhangal, Jiffy Lube needs to raise its prices. This is a common practice among car maintenance companies, but the question is: how can Jiffy Lube increase its prices to match Mr. Lube’s prices? To help franchise owners decide how to raise their prices, Perry Maisonneuve, the founder of Northern Lights Franchise Consultants Corp., shares his secrets.

Its high rate of customer retention

It’s a testament to Bill Bhangal’s success that 75 per cent of his customers come back for another oil change within four months of the previous one. His high rate of customer retention is attributed to value-added services such as free vehicle cleanings with every oil change. He also offers free coffee in the lounge and water bowls for customers’ pets. And his prices are seven to ten percent lower than his main competitor. But what can Bhangal do to keep customers happy?

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