How to Start a Window Washing Service

To start your own window washing service, you will need to obtain business insurance. The amount of insurance required will depend on your state and county. You should also have business insurance if you hire employees to perform the service. Business insurance covers both your employees and property damage caused by your service. A window washing business should be insured against theft, damage, and loss.

Business insurance for window-washing business

Window-washing service owners should consider buying a business insurance policy. This type of insurance protects against property damage, injuries, and loss of income. It also protects the business owner. Business insurance can be purchased through Gigly, a company that offers financial, legal, and everyday benefits to independent contractors.

General liability insurance protects the business from lawsuits and covers legal fees. It also covers bodily injuries. For example, if a client slips and falls on a loose power cord in an office lobby, the insurance will pay for medical care and legal fees. A general liability policy costs around $400 to $700 per year for a $1 million limit.

Commercial property insurance is also a necessity for window-washing service owners. Since their equipment and supplies are stored in commercial buildings, they need to protect their property from damage or theft.

Website building platform for window-washing business

A good website is an essential tool for any window-washing business. It’s not expensive to build and doesn’t have to be complicated, and it will connect you with potential clients. It should contain key information, such as the hours of operation, branding, and testimonials.

A good website building platform will provide a user-friendly design, and a few free or cheap templates to choose from. It also provides contact forms and payment tools, so you can keep in touch with Cypress Texas window washing service clients online. It’s easy to use and easy to customize. It also has an extensive feature set, so you won’t run into problems while setting up your business.

Cost of hiring a window-washing service

The cost of hiring a window washing service varies widely. Prices range from $8 to $40 per window, depending on size and style. Windows on the third and fourth floor are often more expensive than windows on lower floors, since cleaners must use ladders and lifts to reach them. Complex designs may also increase the cost.

Before contacting a window washer, find out how often they clean windows. Most clients request their windows cleaned twice or thrice per year, but some require a more frequent cleaning, such as weekly or monthly. Also, make sure to ask about their billing structure. Some window washers bill by the pane of glass, while others bill by the hour.

The cost of hiring a window washing service will depend on how many windows they need to clean. Some window washers charge an hourly rate between $40 and $75 per window. You should also pay extra for windows that are high-rise, since this will require a two-person crew.

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