Why You Need a Car Crash Lawyer

A car accident lawyer helps you get maximum compensation for your losses after a crash. A lawyer knows how much to ask for in your case, the experts to hire and the evidence to gather. A lawyer also makes sure you file for all the types of damages to which you are entitled.

Whether you’ve been injured or you lost a loved one in a crash caused by someone else, you’re going to need compensation for your losses. You’ll likely start by filing a claim with your insurance company. However, since New York has no-fault auto insurance laws, your provider will work fairly hard to find ways to deny your claims or reduce the amount of money they have to pay you. This is why you need a strong, experienced attorney on your side.

The goal of a car crash lawyer is to ensure you receive the full value of your claim, which can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage and more. A lawyer can also help you navigate the often complicated legal process, including negotiating with insurance companies and pursuing a lawsuit when necessary.

Insurance companies may seem friendly, but they’re not on your side. They have a duty to their shareholders, and this means protecting their profits as much as possible. As a result, they’ll do everything they can to devalue your injuries and lower the amount of money they’re obligated to pay you.

When you hire a car accident lawyer, they’ll do all they can to fight these tactics and make sure you are fairly compensated for your loss. This includes bringing in outside experts to review your medical records, reconstruct the accident scene and take witness statements into account. They’ll also consult with financial professionals to determine how your crash has affected you financially and will continue to affect you in the future.

It’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a crash. Not only is this good for your health, but it’s a critical part of documenting the severity of your injuries. In addition, it’s helpful for establishing a causal link between your injury and the crash. However, many people skip out on treatment or wait too long for medical care, which can hurt their chances of winning a case later on.

The sooner you hire a car crash lawyer, the better. A car accident attorney can visit the accident site to observe firsthand what happened and recreate the crash in a lab to test for damage, injuries and other factors. They can also interview witnesses, obtain police reports and medical records and file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations. In most cases, this is three years after your accident. However, if you’re suing a government agency, then you might have even less time to act.

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