Buying Moving Boxes in North York

Boxes are the last thing you want to move around your home, but a few well-placed boxes can save a ton of time and hassle during a move. The cheapest and most efficient way to get your hands on moving boxes is through a professional moving company like Major Move in North York. We provide you with the best possible service and value – it’s that simple.

Top notch customer service and a stellar product lineup are the icing on the cake when you choose Major Move. We offer everything from the smallest of boxes to the largest, and even a full service packing, loading, and unloading concierge. Our team of highly trained professionals is always happy to help you with all of your moving needs.

Our North York location is also the most convenient, so you can pick up your wares from the comfort of your own home or business. You can find us at 82 St Regis Crescent N, North York, ON, M3J.

Our office is a short walk from the GO station and we also have a handy pickup and dropoff location in Etobicoke. Our friendly and helpful staff are ready to help you with all of your North York moving and storage needs!

Make sure that any quotes you receive are based on an accurate inventory of your belongings. The more accurate the estimate, the less likely you will be to overpay for your move.

Most reputable moving companies moving boxes north york will send someone out to your home to get an up-to-date inventory, so they can give you a more accurate estimate for the price. Some movers may even take pictures of your belongings to verify the information you have provided.

Local moves are billed at hourly rates and the total bill is collected after your movers are finished loading. For long-distance moves, line-haul fees are billed at a flat rate or based on the distance and shipping weight of your goods.

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